Helping neurodiverse adults thrive in a world that doesn't make sense.

Courses, content & corporate training that is designed to change lives.

We believe neurodiverse adults have the ability to improve the world (we need it right now huh!)

They just have to know how to harness their talents, utilise their unique skills and offset the challenges that come with this amazing way of thinking.

Those with Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism and faster than normal brains. We don’t always do things in order but we change the world for the better.

adult dyslexia business and entrepreneur coach

For Businesses

We work with forward thinking organisations to help them support neurodiversity in the workplace.

This is done through individual programmes, group coaching, workshops & a variety of key programmes


For Individuals

Are you ready to thrive in a world that doesn’t always seem to make sense? At the heart of what we do is a passion for transforming lives, guiding you to take control of your unique mind and use it to reach your full potential.

Happy Right-Brain Thinkers

right brain

“A huge thanks to Vanessa and Stephen”

“A huge thanks to Vanessa and Stephen for starting this group and shedding the light on Dyslexia and ADD in adulthood. I recently had a coaching session with Stephen to talk about workflow and strategies for life and work. It was extremely helpful to gain clarity in a few areas I have been struggling with – i highly recommend.”



right brain
right brain

“You need to speak to these guys!”

“His creative thinking, helped my busy mind, settle down and come up with step by step tools. Stephen got to know my business and my style of learning and helped map solutions to tackle my overwhelm, based on implementing new systems and measurements that had previously been stumbling blocks for me, both personally and professional.

Natalie Standring

The Hub Consulting Limited

right brain

“So valuable for me”

“I want to thank Vanessa and Stephen for creating this amazing page. It’s such a blessing to be part of such a positive and kind group. An extra thanks to Stephen for the coaching session. It was helpful to talk with someone who understands my way of thinking. I left with clear thoughts on my career operations. I highly recommend a coaching session with Stephen he’s a great coach.”



right brain

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