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Creating solutions that change the lives of Neurodiverse People

Remarkable Minds was born from a dyslexic son, a long standing friendship, a late diagnosis and a shared passion to change the world.

Back in 2014, with years of experience with her dyslexic son and the brand new realisation that she was dyslexic herself, Vanessa began training as a Davis facilitator. Fast forward 4 years and the struggles of running a business alone and being Neurodiverse were overwhelming. A chance conversation on a flight to Bali led to a collaboration between Vanessa and Becky, long term friends (yes, we took that risk!). Now armed with the ability to organise, plan and get stuff done the partnership was born. 

Our business is now living proof of the power of combining the strengths of neurodiverse brain and a neurotypical brain. And our friendship is still going strong!!!

Vanessa Victor

Vanessa Victor

My Neurodiversity journey started as a worried mother back in 2007. I was searching for a way to help my dyslexic son. He was struggling at school and I could see my bright, confident, happy boy becoming less confident and sure of himself. I was desperate to help him and understand him. I read the Gift of Dyslexia, and at last someone was describing my son and what was happening for him.

Completing a Davis Dyslexia Programme changed his life and mine!.  His programme led me to my own realisation that I was Dyslexic (at the age of 42!), this inspired me to train as a dyslexia facilitator and profession and my life passion.

I never tire of helping people understand themselves, removing their limiting beliefs and guiding them to find their authentic selves.

Life is a lot less stressful now that I understand my own neurodiversity and it’s my passion to spread that to everyone else. 

Becky Smith

Becky Smith

My most important role in life as a  mother to two amazing boys who are both wonderful, caring, kind human beings. They also happen to be neurodiverse and amazingly talented, creative people. I am proud to say that my eldest is now at University and holds no shame or fear of being neurodiverse.

My passion has always been to support and care for others and this has led me to become a Doula, a Life Coach and a Teaching Assistant. All have played significant roles in my life.

My journey into business began as co-owner of a Social Enterprise, Make Give Live, which combined my passion for knitting with my passion for caring for people. 

A chance conversation with Vanessa on a plane, let to a realisation that we shared a deep passion for changing people’s lives and so our partnership was born.

I am an accredited NZACAL Life and Abundance Coach and a fully trained CCS Cards Facilitator.

Sandra Hartnett

Sandra Hartnett

At our core is a passion for transforming lives, and we will do this together, with you. We promote equality, connecting you to your potential, to the realisation of what you are capable of; to become leaders in your own life.  When we pull and work together we are in the vessel that symbolizes strength, unity and which holds you.  From this place we begin the journey together. 

Transforming every life with the Davis techniques is in my heart.  My passion is for others to securely imagine a sense of belonging, to know they can effortlessly contribute to their own and others lives, participating in everything that thrills them; seeing the opportunities and taking action, making connections and decisions with ease.

Michelle Kershaw

Michelle Kershaw


I am a neurodiverse adult whose purpose is to help people and organisations thrive. I use holistic approaches to support people to gain insight, build knowledge skills and capabilities they can utilise at work, with family and in the broader community. My passion is unlocking human potential and developing inclusive, inspirational and adaptive individuals, teams and organisations.

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