Neurodiversity Courses

We currently have a range of courses for adults with dyslexia to support them in life. We will be expanding in to ADHD & Autism very soon.

Our Online Courses

adult dyslexia business and entrepreneur coach

To Do List Bingo

Discover the best way to create To-Do lists you can stick to using this technique. The course is short and lets you get into doing quickly!

adult dyslexia business and entrepreneur coach

Your Organised Day

Originally designed for those with Dyslexia this course is also great if you have ADHD. It’s some simple steps & tools that work for the neurodiverse brain! Get the tools that we have designed for adult dyslexics so you can start to feel organised tomorrow!

adult dyslexia business and entrepreneur coach

Dyslexia Bootcamp

The four things you need to know right now about being an adult with dyslexia. It’s not just reading and writing, it affects all areas of your life. This course will show you how your mind really works so you can start to reduce your stress and build your confidence.

Coming Soon

The Truth About Dyslexia Course

This is the BEST course for dyslexics to build self esteem, self confidence and leave the shame of dyslexia behind. Our app based programme is created by adult dyslexics for adult dyslexics. We really get you!

One-on-One Courses

Davis Dyslexia

Find out about our world renowned Davis dyslexia programmes. These one to one in person coached courses are delivered by our trained facilitators and have a 95% success rate.

Autism Approach

A revolutionary approach to autism that honours who you are and allows you to participate fully in life.

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