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Neurodiversity Courses

We currently have a range of courses for adults with dyslexia to support them in life. We will be expanding in to ADHD & Autism very soon.

Online Courses

adult dyslexia business and entrepreneur coach

To Do List Bingo

Struggling to get organised? Did you know dyslexics brains do not work well with a ‘standard’ to do list?

This $7 Short course could be an answer to sticking to whats important in your day.

adult dyslexia business and entrepreneur coach

Your Organised Day

Originally designed for those with Dyslexia this course is also great if you have ADHD.

It includes simple steps & tools that work for the neurodiverse brain! 

It is the level up from the To Do List Bingo Course

adult dyslexia business and entrepreneur coach

Understand Your Dyslexia

Discover how your dyslexic mind actually works and uncover the impact it has on your life.

Master Your Dyslexia

Join our small group coached programme designed for adults with dyslexia. First, we’ll dive into what adult dyslexia really is, and how it’s been affecting you..

Then we’ll build on that knowledge to show you how to overcome the challenges you face and give you the tools to live a more confident life.

One-on-One Courses

Dyslexia Programmes

Our world renowned Davis dyslexia programmes.

These are the most indepth courses we run and are for people who want REAL change.

Autism Programmes

A revolutionary approach to autism that honours who you are and allows you to participate fully in life.

ADHD Programmes

For those with ADHD (&/or Dyslexia) this course helps teenagers and adults to understand how attention works and learn to reclaim it without medication.

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