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How does the dyslexic brain work?

At the Remarkable Minds we work with people with ADHD & Dyslexia.

A lot of what we do is about dispelling the myths and the pre-conceptions of what they actually are.

Many of us have a picture of what Dyslexia is. If we ask the average person they say it is – a learning challenge (or disability) to do with reading, writing and spelling.

That is actually a very small part of the puzzle.

Dyslexia is more about how the brain processes information. It does it using the visual side of the brain rather than the symbolic part. What we are seeing in 2020 is more and more research is being done and actually how limited the research is. But like many conditions new information is being discovered all the time to paint a more complete picture.

We created this short video on how the dyslexic brain works to pain a simple picture. Now don’t get us wrong there is more to it. But this is a good starting point!


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