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Making your workplace Neurodiverse, Accepting, Inclusive & Supportive

Reduce work stress, improve communication and maximize your team’s potential.
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Are you embracing the power of your Neurodiverse employees?

Neurodiverse employees that feel understood, accepted, and supported are;

More effective

(8x more likely to achieve better business outcomes)

More efficient

(2 x as likely to meet or exceed financial targets)

More Engaged

(6 x more likely to be innovative and agile)

It’s a win-win. Get it right, and you benefit from lower turnover, more productive teams and the benefits of an inclusive workplace and your employees, feel accepted, understood and supported so they have a happier outlook on life and work.

We work with employers that are waking up to the need for more neurodiversity awareness in their organisation.

We provide webinars, workshops, and one on one coaching that can help your employees and your organisation achieve more.

Embrace the hidden power of cognitive diversity in your organisation.




Our Story

We are champions of ND individuals at work, at home and in life.

We are a team of passionate individuals with a background in coaching, training and HR.

Across our ranks we have qualified facilitators in providing solutions for ND individuals, podcasters, course creators and we are ND ourselves.

How we work with you ...

We provide insights, expert strategies, and practical tools, to help unlock the potential of
neurodiverse individuals and create more inclusive workplaces for everyone.

An App Employees Love

🎯 Our courses are run on an easy to use app.

💬 Communicate with others like you

📺 Stream content to a television

📱 Works on iphone & android

Supporting others is in our nature

We are all in this together. Whether you have ADHD, Dyslexia &/or Autism.

We love working with corporate sponsors to give back to the community through our courses and training.

Many are not lucky enough to deeply understand themselves. Reach out if you would like to support the neurodiverse in your community.

Supporting The Neurodiverse Around The World

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“A huge thanks to Vanessa and Stephen”

“A huge thanks to Vanessa and Stephen for starting this group and shedding the light on Dyslexia and ADD in adulthood. I recently had a coaching session with Stephen to talk about workflow and strategies for life and work. It was extremely helpful to gain clarity in a few areas I have been struggling with – i highly recommend.”



right brain
right brain

“You need to speak to these guys!”

“His creative thinking, helped my busy mind, settle down and come up with step by step tools. Stephen got to know my business and my style of learning and helped map solutions to tackle my overwhelm, based on implementing new systems and measurements that had previously been stumbling blocks for me, both personally and professional.

Natalie Standring

The Hub Consulting Limited

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“So valuable for me”

“I want to thank Vanessa and Stephen for creating this amazing page. It’s such a blessing to be part of such a positive and kind group. An extra thanks to Stephen for the coaching session. It was helpful to talk with someone who understands my way of thinking. I left with clear thoughts on my career operations. I highly recommend a coaching session with Stephen he’s a great coach.”



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Have a question?

Neurodiversity is a key part of all inclusion policies but it does not mean it is easy to navigate.

What should you do? What should you include? Where do you need support?

Each of our programs is tailored to you and your needs.

We recommend reaching out to us to schedule an initial conversation.

We use a tool called Video ask where you can connect with us via video, audio, or text. Which ever is easiest for you.

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