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Making your workplace Neurodiverse, Accepting, Inclusive & Supportive

Reduce work stress, improve communication and maximize your team’s potential.

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Are you embracing the power of your Neurodiverse employees?

Neurodiverse employees that feel understood, accepted, and supported are;

It’s a win-win. Get it right, and you benefit from lower turnover, more productive teams and the benefits of an inclusive workplace and your employees, feel accepted, understood and supported so they have a happier outlook on life and work.

We work with employers that are waking up to the need for more neurodiversity awareness in their organisation.

We provide webinars, workshops, and one on one coaching that can help your employees and your organisation achieve more.

Embrace the hidden power of cognitive diversity in your organisation.


We provide a wide selection of workshops and training programmes to support Managers, Team Leaders and staff who work with Neurodiverse employees, to raise their awareness of neurodiversity and then successfully support their neurodiverse colleagues,, creating true equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Neurodiversity Awareness


A 90min workshop where you’ll discover what Neurodiversity really looks like in the workplace and gain easy to use tools and techniques that you can use straight away to improve the equity of the neurodiverse employees in your organisation. 

A group interactive workshop (max 25 people). Delivered in person or virtually. 

Creating a Neurodiverse Inclusive Work Culture


2 Hour Workshop

A practical hands on session. 

Come away with immediate actions to take and tools to use to start to create an inclusive culture that works for everyone. 

 (max 15 people)

Having Neurodiverse Inclusive Conversations


2 Hour Workshop

Discover THE best way to have workplace conversations with neurodiverse employees. Our non-confrontational easy to use method is game changing for everyone.  Delivered in partnership with CCS Cards Corporation.

 (max 15 people) 

Time Management and Prioritisation


2 Hour Workshop

Discover the tools and techniques you need to help neurodiverse team members manage their time and priorities effectively. 

Improve team productivity and wellbeing by using the right tools with the right support. 

(max 15 people) 

Improving Neurodiverse Communication


2 Hour Workshop

Learn the best ways to support your neurodiverse team members to improve their communication skills. 

We’ll show you how to have effective and productive communication with your neurodiverse team members, including, emails, face to face communication, meeting and presentations.

 (max 25 people). Delivered in person or virtually. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for Neurodiverse Employees


2 Hour Workshop

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of neurodiverse employees does require different skills and techniques. 

Discover the simple changes you can make to ensure that all neurodiverse staff feel supported and safe at work.

 (max 15 people)

Managers Neurodiversity Training Programme


6 week programme

The programme designed specifically for Team Leaders and Managers and staff who interact daily with neurodiverse employees.

Our comprehensive fully coached programme takes the guesswork out of managing neurodiverse employees and gives you the tools you need to create a calm, productive team culture.

The programme includes 6 x training sessions and 3 x coaching sessions to ensure the techniques you learn are working in your workplace and to support you to succeed.

Can be delivered virtually or in person – max group size 8 people. 

Neurodiversity Mentor Training


4 Week Programme 

The single most powerful thing you can do to support the success of your neurodiverse employees is provide them with a mentor or buddy. 

This training will provide that buddy with all the knowledge, skills and tools that they need to ensure they can easily provide their neurodiverse colleague with the right support at the right time.  

Supporting your neurodiverse employees reduces conflict, maximises team productivity and allows each employee to be their true selves at work, improving mental health and wellbeing an creating true equity and inclusion.

Can be delivered virtually or in person – max group size 8 people.


We provide group and one to one programmes for Neurodiverse employees.  

The formula for creating empowered, effective and happy neurodiverse employees is 

Awareness    Acceptance    Action

In the most effective workplaces neurodiverse employees feel safe enough to ask for the accommodations they need and they have the awareness of what those accommodations are.

Our programmes guide neurodiverse individuals to understand themselves and their challenges and talents and provide them with the tools they need to be successful in the workplace.

Introduction to Neurodiversity in the Workplace

$450 / per attendee

90 Minutes

What does neurodiversity really look like at work? We’ll look at some of the most common challenges faced by neurodiverse adults in the workplace, then we’ll provide some quick and easy solutions you can use to overcome them. 

Starting to gain a better understanding of what neurodiversity really is and how it could be affecting you in ways you may never have considered, is the first step towards creating a happy and productive workplace. 

(min 10 people)

Neurodiversity Wellbeing

$1500 / attendee

6 week group coached programme

Being a neurodiverse adult in the modern day workplace can without a doubt be a challenge. 

This 6 week small group coached programme will help you deeply understand your neurodiversity and the affects it may have been having on your life, perhaps without you even knowing. 

We’ll guide you to master your challenges, harness your talents and build self confidence from the inside out. 

This is the best programme for those neurodiverse employees that may be struggling with the structure and expectations of the workplace and need support to understand themselves.

Our programme will change how you view yourself and your neurodiversity and support you to feel safe and secure in the workplace. 

Can be delivered virtually or in person – max group size 8 people.

Time Management and Prioritisation

$750 / attendee

3 Hour Workshop 

One of the biggest challenges faced by neurodiverse employees is usually managing time and being able to prioritise tasks. It’s something that just doesn’t come naturally to neurodiverse people.

This workshop will give you the tools and  neurodiverse friendly techniques that we use to manage time and priorities. These tools have been developed specifically for the neurodiverse mind and have already been used by hundreds of people around the world, so we know they work.

This workshop can be delivered in person or virtually – max group size – 10 people

This workshop can be delivered in person or virtually – (max 10 people)

Improving Communication

$750 / attendee

3 Hour Workshop

Discover the tools and techniques that you need to improve your communication skills both written and verbal.

If you struggle with writing emails, having workplace conversations and getting your thoughts out or either on paper or verbally, then this is the workshop for you. We’ll show you the tools and techniques you need to communicate effectively at work, including in meeting and when giving presentations – two really challenging areas.

This workshop can be delivered in person or virtually – (max 10 people)




Our Story

We are champions of ND individuals at work, at home and in life.

We are a team of passionate individuals with a background in coaching, training and HR.

Across our ranks we have qualified facilitators in providing solutions for ND individuals, podcasters, course creators and we are ND ourselves.

How we work with you ...

We provide insights, expert strategies, and practical tools, to help unlock the potential of
neurodiverse individuals and create more inclusive workplaces for everyone.

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What should you do? What should you include? Where do you need support?

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