Imagine feeling confident, relaxed and in control

In work and life do you feel disorganised, confused, stressed and exhausted, ashamed and frightened of making a mistake?

Constantly underachieving despite putting in enormous effort?

Our programmes create life-changing transformations for adults.

If you want to understand yourself, how you think, be free from negative self-beliefs and experience a positive shift in life, relationships or work we can help you.

We offer a holistic, caring, effective, hands-on approach that gets amazing results.

Our programmes have been developed through a lifetime of research and experience. Created by a neurodiverse individual who then wanted to share the success with others, and people just like him.

You will be supported by a facilitator who understands, who gets you because they are neurodiverse too. So who better to partner with?

One of the tools we use in our programmes is the medium of clay. Clay allows you to learn experientially and powerfully. The sculpting of words and ideas is what enables you to harness your imagination and master knowledge. What you create you remember – for good!

We don’t use traditional learning methods. Why? Because they don’t work for people who think differently!

Given what I wanted to achieve…where do I start! I have more confidence, I can spell, I can read, it’s in there, I know it’s there.

David, age 43

I’m listening better, I’m reading better, I understand what I’ve read, I learned to write and print. It has made me open up to what I feel about myself.

Helen, age 60

What do you need help with?


Emails, reports and spelling don’t need to be a struggle anymore.


You are capable of focusing, you just need help harnessing your focus!

Life Skills

Tailor-made solutions for organisation, stress and time management, in life and work.

Math Skills

Feel confident and certain with numbers and maths concepts.

Stress Management

Be comfortable and at ease with the ability to distinguish what’s your responsibility and what’s not, in all areas of life.

Workplace Solutions

Imagine feeling calm and organised, finishing tasks on time. Imagine feeling confident as you achieve the results that you want.

Dyslexia Solutions

After working through our one-to-one Davis Dyslexia Correction programme you will be able to:


  • read reports, emails, books and understand what you have read
  • communicate effectively both in writing and verbally
  • structure your writing and produce work that reflects your knowledge
  • listen and retain information, remember conversations spell with ease
  • feel confident in yourself and your abilities improve your handwriting

ADD / ADHD – A Drug Free Alternative

After working through our one-to-one Davis Attention Mastery programme you will be able to:

  • work within accepted timeframes
  • prioritise your work load
  • create and maintain organisation in your life
  • plan and finish tasks and projects
  • feel confident and accepted in your workplace and life
  • control your focus – no more daydreaming
  • listen and really hear what is being said
  • find calm and peace in your life – leave the chaos behind
I’ve done so many programmes that profess to be life changing – Davis ACTUALLY is. Thankyou!!

Michael, age 43

I have a sense of reassurance of who I am being, capable and comfortable with how I am. It feels I can achieve that, as I have the tools knowledge and understanding to do that now. A foundation in life skills that were causing a lot of static frequency.

Marcus, age 36

I’m more certain inside, I’m not overthinking and its easier to make a decision, I’m not talking myself through all the options. I am calmer and not so overwhelmed.

Kate, age 36

Life Skills

After working through our one-to-one programme you will:

  • have tools that effectively manage stress and anxiety
  • feel confident in making decisions
  • know how to take responsibility – and when NOT to
    harness your emotions and create self motivation
  • organise yourself at work, and at home
  • plan and complete tasks with ease
  • connect to your energy levels and manage your emotions
  • no more procrastination – take action

Maths Solutions

After working through our one-to-one Davis Maths Mastery programme you will:

  • have a solid understanding of numbers, decimals and place value.
  • be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • easily be able to learn times tables
  • be able to tell the time and use a calendar with certainty
  • understand time and accurately estimate the passage of time
  • focus effectively
  • feel confident in yourself and your maths skills
  • experience improved coordination and balance
  • have the tools for managing stress and overwhelm
  • have a solid understanding of sequence and logic; the foundation of maths
I finally learnt my times tables! The best thing though, was that I now have a concept of time and how long things actually take.

Victoria, age 42

Common Characteristics of Dyslexia in Adults

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Professional services described as Davis™, including Davis Dyslexia Correction®, Davis™ Symbol Mastery, Davis™ Orientation Counseling, Davis™ Attention Mastery, Davis™ Math Mastery, and Davis™ Reading Program for Young Learners may only be provided by persons who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators or Specialists by Davis Dyslexia Association International.

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