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Adult Dyslexia: Free Support To Help You Thrive

So maybe you have just found out you have Dyslexia as an adult?

Maybe you have always known but not been sure what to do about it…. it’s easier to sweep it under the rug usually, right?

We have been amazed at how little support exists for adults dealing with Dyslexia. Especially when it comes to talking about how this difference in how your brain works effects so much more than reading and writing.

If the dyslexic challenges with reading & writing are the surface level challenges than what we speak about is buried under the surface.

As dyslexics we like to understand the purpose or the – Why is this happening? and if Dyslexia effects these external parts of our life how does it effect things like:

  • Communication
  • Emotions
  • Overthinking
  • Imagination & Day Dreaming
  • Creativity
  • Anxiety
  • and so much more…

As I write this (I’m dyslexic – so mind the spelling), I know this post will get updated as we move forward but I wanted to share a few resources we have created to support your journey to understanding yourself.

Truth About Dyslexia Podcast Adult Dyslexia

1. Truth About Dyslexia Podcast

This podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify & anchor.fm and is my journey each day. As I learn more about Dyslexia as an adult, the challenges I come up against, my dreams and lessons I am learning by living my life.

It has just hit 190,000 downloads worldwide and has helps 1,000’s of Dyslexic adults understand why they are they way they are. It can open your eyes.

At last look it had 13 – 5 ⭐️  reviews. 

Adult Dyslexia 7 Traits
2. 7 Hidden Traits of Dyslexia

We wanted to record a really visual presentation talking about the 7 key traits that are not reading and writing that we see across the board. Some are backed by science, and some are just a bit to glaringly obvious to leave out.

See how many relate to you and remember Dyslexia is a bit of a spectrum, so some will be move obvious to you. Grab it here.


Dyslexia Quiz Test Adult Dyslexia

3. Truth About Dyslexia Quiz

As you may have already found out in your journeys there are a lot of free quiz or test type things out there proclaiming to give you the clearest Dyslexia diagnosis. Some are better than others to be honest and all will give you a sense. But most focus just on reading and writing.

To be honest if you are 30 years or older, you probably have a bunch of good solutions to manage your reading and writing.

It’s got you this far in life.Our quiz looks at the adult challenges of Dyslexia to not only help you decide if you are Dyslexic but to become aware of what effects it is having on your day to day challenges – Like communicating what you thinking so people understand, absorbing information, over reacting in emotional situations and getting stuck in overthinking loops.

If you want to give it a go dive in here at Truth About Dyslexia Quiz

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