1. “You have taught me a lot of extra stuff about myself that I would never have learned. You are the best!”
    ~ Hayden, age 10
  2. “You have challenged me in so many ways that other adults can’t do.”
    ~ Cade, age 12
  3. “Thank you so much! You challenged me in so many ways and encouraged me to set goals for myself. I am so happy I had the chance to meet you and have so many great conversations. Thank you for the doors you’ve opened and the opportunities you’ve offered. I really appreciate it.”
    ~ Randi, age 14
  4. “We appreciate all of your dedication and the hard work you have done with our son. You have helped us understand him, which has made all of our lives much better. It’s wonderful to be able to engage with him without feeling like we had to pull the words out of his mouth! We are so thankful for everything you have done for our family.”
    ~ Dawn and Michael
  5. “Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have taught me so much about character and instilled so much knowledge in me. Most of all, though, you have been there for me when I really needed you. You have influenced my life so much, you could never understand. You have truly been a gift in my life, and I could never forget you.”
    ~ Samuel, age 17
  6. "I believe this is an incredibly powerful moment in my son's development. Your input concerning under-achieving gifted students has been invaluable. Thank you for your professional contribution to this endeavor and for the individual caring you have shown me and my son. We are sincerely thankful for all of the ways that you helped us."
  7. "We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all of the hard work you gave to our son. We appreciate all of the effort you have given to our family."
    Irina and Mike
  8. "Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into our daughter. You have helped her understand herself, and you have helped our family understand how to communicate in a way that is easily understood by each of us. Your efforts and support have healed us, and we cannot thank you enough. Our hearts are filled with warmth and thanksgiving."
    The W Family
  9. "Thank you so much for the enhancements you made to our social studies courses. We are so blessed to have your assistance and expertise. You are committed to excellence! I know you have spent many hours working on these courses and that our students will benefit from your expertise for years to come."
  10. "You helped me through a difficult situation and supported me when I didn't think anyone could understand what I was going through. Thank you for showing me how to answer my parents when they ask me questions, and for helping me advocate for myself with my teachers. I cannot thank you enough. I will always remember your kindness and wisdom. "
    Victoria, age 16
  11. "You are very kind to me and always encourage me to do better. You have pushed me to do better even when I wanted to give up. Now I want to do my best. Thank you for helping me."
    Tristan, age 8
  12. "Ms. Edwards is incredibly knowledgeable about the educational needs of the gifted population. She is passionate about inspiring her clients, and strives to optimize their academic and emotional success!"
    Jennifer and Jay